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Why Do I Cry?

I cry because I’m tired.. I cry because people don’t understand the day to day emotional struggles I face daily. I cry because I have to stay strong, when some days I just want to hide under a rock and not face the reality of life. I cry because my life has not been the same since 2014.I cry because I do not want to fail in life and I want to always make my mom proud. I cry because there are days when nothing seems to go right. I cry because my little sister cry and I can’t fix it when she says Toya I miss Anna ( her name for

our mom). I cry because I feel alone some days, because the world can be so judgmental.

All of my cries are not filled with sorrow and pain, some of my tears are for joy.. I cry because I’m blessed to have true friends who absolutely love me as if we share the same DNA. I cry joyful tears because I have the worlds greatest Pops/ my step-father who will drop everything to make sure I’m good and has been there since I was 5 years old. I cry joyful tears because I have an amazing uncle who is always there to answer when I call. I cry joyful tears because of the young women that look up to me when I’m far from perfect.

Crying is not always a bad thing it helps cleanses the pain away from the soul. To my little mini me I dedicate this you, it’s ok to miss mommy it’s ok to cry about it she was our everything, remember the things she taught us and her legacy lives in us.

I share this to say if you see me crying it's ok it's apart of the healing process.



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